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We are offering timber.heartwood is pinkish to lighmid brown, darker in older mature trees. The timber is hard and heavy but can be a little brittle. Grain is astraight with a fine even texture. There is little degrade during appropirate kilning, but it can show a tendency towards warping when air dried. An excellent timber for domestic and kitchen items, a delight to turn and carve, also a firm favourite for quality furniture construction. Workability machines & turns well works well with hand tools. Finishing takes an excellent polish, dyes easily. A medium to large tree reaches a hight of 25-30m a diameter of 0.6-1.5m. Heartwood is cream to olive-brown. Large logs often have an olive heart which is irregular and streaked. Sapwood in smaller logs is usually not distinguishable from the heartwood. Straight to wavy grain, coarse texture, very tough and elastic. Dries rapidly with only slight checking. Work ability machines and turns well. A very good wood to turn, ideal for larger bowls finishing takes an excellent polish, good for colouring effects.